hire a concrete pump

How and when to hire a concrete pump …

A concrete pump is a machine used in large and medium scale constructions for transporting concrete in liquid form. It makes use of a pumping mechanism. Two of the popular types of concrete pumps are:

  • A line concrete pump: This is usually mounted on a truck or a trailer, earning it its alias; trailer-mounted concrete pump. The hoses, usually of various sizes, are linked together and lead to the point of use of the concrete. You should however note that line pumps work at lower volumes than the boom pump and they’re used for smaller projects.
  • A boom concrete pump: This uses a remote-controlled arm, known as “the boom”, to place concrete accurately. They are usually attached to trucks or semi-trailers and are capable of pumping at higher volumes than the line concrete pump.

Knowing what a concrete pump is, when should be the appropriate time for you to decide to hire a concrete pump in your project? You should hire a concrete pump when:

  • You do not have enough manpower: For a larger project involving you and a few other builders, it may be wise to hire a concrete pump. With the help of a concrete pump, you would have eliminated problems like the availability of manpower to help transport concrete from the mixer to the site of use at an effective time. This would buy you more time and help you focus on more important work.
  • Your site is difficult to access: During contract works, a lot of sites might be very remote and inaccessible, there might be inconveniences like the concrete mixer truck being unable to get close to the site. Your manual solution to this would have been to use manpower and wheelbarrows to transport from one end to the other, causing wastage of materials as well as time. It might even be impossible if you had large scale construction work. The solution to this is to simply hire a concrete pump, they come in different types and sizes that can easily fit into your needs.
  • You’re working on a tight schedule: There is no doubt using a machine instead of manual labour could be very time-efficient for construction.
  • You’re working with a large volume of concrete: If you have a large-scale construction to work on, it is very reasonable to rely on machines rather than labour which cannot be time or cost-efficient.
a concrete pump in action

How do you hire a concrete pump?

Here’s a step-by-step guide for you if you’ve never had to hire a concrete pump and you’re unsure of what to do.

  1. Estimate how much of your budget can go into hiring a pump: You should assess your budget to know if there are enough finances that can be allocated to hiring a concrete pump. You can also do some research on the internet to know the average prices of concrete pumps.
  2. Determine the type of pump needed: The type of pump to be hired is solely dependent on your concrete needs. Factors like the type of construction and concrete mix, the scale of the project or if it is for domestic and commercial needs, will need to be considered before selecting.
  3. Research and gather information: Gather data from all sources such as the internet reviews online, the suppliers and the workers. Ask questions from people that have experience using the pumps, you can also get opinions on guidelines and tips for using it effectively. The suppliers could also answer questions about the pumping capacity and other specifications.
  4. Select a supplier: It is very important to have a list or scale of preference of suppliers to hire from. You can gather a list of suppliers from different sources and enquire or bargain with them individually. Rather than blindly buy from the first supplier you find, it is usually better to make a comparison to know which one has the best customer service, best customer reviews, lowest hire rates and good quality machines. It is recommended to heavily rely on customer’s reviews.
  5. Close the hire deal: Go through the invoice, and terms and conditions of hire. If they are satisfactory, you can pay an inspection to make sure the suppliers are legitimate and their machines are in good condition. Once you are thoroughly satisfied, make your deposit or down payment immediately and agree on delivery and logistics.