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How To Hire A Concrete Pump

When conducting concreting projects; there are several options to consider. For very small jobs, you may want to mix concrete yourself and may only need a bucket of concrete mix. However, for larger jobs, it is likely you’ll be looking for a concrete mixer truck to deliver and pour your concrete directly to the required area. However, when your project isn’t taking place in a convenient location for a concrete mixer truck; then you may need to hire a concrete pump.

A concrete pump is an easy way to pour concrete into the area you require, regardless of any restrictions you may have. A concrete pump is extremely versatile, helping you to access any hard to reach areas with concrete pouring.

Why Might You Hire A Concrete Pump?

If a concrete mixer truck cannot pour concrete where you need it, then a pump can help to direct the concrete. Consequently, you can use a concrete pump;

  • Below the ground, such as with a basement conversion
  • When your pouring concrete on storeys higher than ground level, for example, several floors up
  • In the back garden, where a truck cannot access
  • In narrow passages, such as between two houses.

concrete pump hire

How Does A Concrete Pump Work?

A pump is a narrow, extendable arm which can help to channel concrete to where you need it. It carries concrete from the concrete mixing vehicle to your desired location. There are several options of pump available.

At Maxi, we offer two pump hire options; a boom pump and a line pump.

Boom Pumps: These uses hydraulics to lift the concrete flow up and over objects. For example, to reach the second storey of the house. Alternatively, you may use a boom pump to lift concrete over a garden wall.

Line Pumps: A line concrete pump is ideal for carrying concrete over long distances. For example, this could be pouring concrete in the rear garden, when the truck is positioned at the front of the property.

For both pump options, they can help to make the delivery of concrete quicker and easier, even when there may be obstacles or difficulties.

Maxi EcoTrench being pumped

Concrete Pumps For Commercial and Domestic Projects …

A concrete pump offers a variety of benefits for both commercial and domestic projects. For commercial projects, the pump hire reduces the amount of labour you need as concrete is taken directly to the required area, without requiring people to use wheelbarrows to transport the concrete.

For domestic projects, a pump can help to increase the speed of concrete pouring and the accuracy too. This can help with those who don’t feel comfortable with concrete projects; making it much easier to pour and apply.

If you’d like to benefit from a concrete pump for your next concrete project, Maxi can help. As well as advising you on the best concrete option for your project, we’ll also be able to help understand the accessibility requirements to determine what tools you might need to complete the job.

To find out more, get in touch with the team today.