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How To Use Self Leveling Floor Screed …

Whether it’s a tile, wooden, natural stone or any other form of flooring, having a completely smooth and level surface is essential for a quality floor finish. In order to achieve the ideal floor, it is vital to make sure the layers underneath the surface are perfectly level. This is where self levelling floor screed can really help to ensure you have the ideal base for a quality floor finish.

What Is Self Levelling Floor Screed?

There are lots of types of screed options. However, self-levelling floor screed is a popular option thanks to its ease of use. The screed is a mixture of sand, cement and water. They work to create a smooth area and can be applied in small areas by hand or for larger projects; it is often much easier to mix the screed using a screed pump and then disperse the mix through a hosepipe to the required area.

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Why Use Floor Screed?

Floor screed is used on top of a concrete base to create a completely smooth, compacted surface upon which a flooring surface can be applied. Floor screed is not only ideal for ensuring a smooth surface for flooring, but it can also be really useful for encasing heating pipes for underfloor heating. You may need to use floor screed for a new floor or to help improve the texture of an existing floor.

You can purchase self levelling floor screed as a ready-mix solution, which is ideal for those who are new to using the solution. However, you can also use a semi-dry solution to get an enhanced finish for your needs.

How To Lay Self Levelling Floor Screed

The easiest way to lay floor screed is to consult a contractor! This is especially true for complex tasks such as when you are working with underfloor heating. However, with ready mix self levelling floor screed for normal flooring purpose, it can be a relatively straightforward process.

The ready mix solution will be smooth and easy to work with. The consistency is similar to concrete but more viscous. If you choose to mix your own screed, then you need to ensure this has enough concrete in the solution to hold it all together and to prevent cracks.

During application, use a straight-edge float and then finish with either a trowel or power float.

How Long Does Floor Screed Take To Dry?

The general rule of thumb for drying screed is to allow one week of drying per centimetre depth of screed. So, if your screed layer is 2cm thick, you should allow two weeks for drying time.

If the thickness of the screed is greater than 5 centimetres, then the screed may take longer to dry.

Only when the screed is fully dry, should you consider laying the flooring on top.

At Maxi, we offer a range of self levelling floor screed solutions, ideal for all flooring requirements. For more help and to find the right solution for your needs, get in touch with our team today.